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4 Promotion Practice Cheats

I entered the HQT group marketing marketing management center has been busy traveling around the country to visit see the market, with many divisions during the Zero to managers, distributors, etc. to discuss various problems of the market. I am now on the promotional activities of the essence of the actual operation of some cases collect and organize data bit written to provide you more information.

Cheats 1: Pulse Promotions Law

Interviews: HQT Marketing Manager, Beijing Branch

Some experts have said that more and more like factories and businesses promote the "weak", eat a token gesture. But other experts have said: or promotion may not even chicken bones. The face of competition can only wait helplessly to escape.

Now, with the "feel consumption" era, consumer buying habits has undergone great changes. Consumers become more "free." Therefore, careful planning is important in various forms of promotion. I think that promotion, we should first clear to whom the communication, identify the recipient, dissemination of any information content, when and where to spread. In the specific planning, there are a few must do:

1, accurate positioning, with a clear theme. In the end is communicated to the sale of consumer brand image or reality.

2, determine the best promotions. In addition to careful advance planning and staffing, but also have a good program to purpose and thrust deep into the hearts of everyone, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm, but also detailed on the promotional staff promotions and details of the training.

3, determine the time, promotion time, sooner rather than later. The best three days earlier than its rivals, so as not to pre-empt opponents. Even the best planning should grasp this opportunity.

4, create a good atmosphere on site. If POP posters to the color, shop music to be just right to stimulate the customer's purchase intention.

5, to develop an appropriate sales targets and incentives.

6, control of marketing costs, "to have the system should", so as to have better results.

7, make assessment summary, accumulating experience for the next promotion.

Finally, there are four points to note: 1, investigations are in place to promote dislocation; 2, sources to be well prepared; 3, activity-free remote site, where customers rare; 4, preferably controlled within a week (weekends date).

Cheats 2: to create a warm

HQT dealer in Changsha, Hunan

In fact, the idea should be a lot of promotion, but for the holidays, the most important thing is to create a festive atmosphere, direct consumers must make warm hearts. Now I during the Spring Festival (New Year's Eve to the fifteenth day) of the operating mode to share with you:

First: Welcome Message from the past "welcome" to "Happy New Year." But do not underestimate such a small adjustment and the blessing of such an old fashioned language, during the Spring Festival, which is very effect. We can clearly feel a phrase, every customer into the stores seem exceptionally happy, and with the same "Happy New Year" to respond to Purchasing Guide, this has suddenly narrowed the distance to each other.

Second: clever "red envelope." During their normal operation, we generally do not discount, but during the holidays if subtly let, will attract customers. Who started the fourth day, we will give a pair of shoes each customer a red envelope, a coupon worth 19 yuan, while a small percentage of concessions, but in our traditional Chinese red envelope is given to others in blessing and financial gas.

In fact, the Chinese New Year this time, we do not care about it, plan a cheap. And I trick is to make an issue of numbers, "19" with "to a long long time," meaning that next year all the best. Facts proved that this is very effective, according to my rough statistics, 30% discount coupon to buy in the secondary next day. In fact, we do not advertise, is expanding through word of mouth of customers affected. Word of mouth is the best ads.

Third: special gift. Promotion that is common practice to send gifts, but the key question is the right time to send the right things, like shoe polish before sending the way at every turn has been nothing new, and, in many customers view, these should all be a necessity, so This required that we carefully pondering.

17 the first month of this year's Valentine's Day in the West, our approach is: a pair of shoes the day of female customers, we will send purse or belt, in the traditional view, these things are "men control the money to live," or "bind beloved man, "meaning; male customer a pair of shoes we'll send him roses, let him give his sweetheart. Customers think that we would like the thoughtful, especially women, said customers did not expect, it is very moving.

Cheats 3: find the ones who enjoy the best points

Interviews: HQT Fujian Company

From my own experiences in the past operations, promotions, including holidays, promotions, designed to deal with seasonal products and brand image promotion, this promotion success mainly in three aspects: First quarter new promotional push; Second Christmas New Year's Day and Spring Festival and other major festival activities; third, and forth to open new store opening or save popular. From a consumer point of view, the promotion of their biggest attraction is that tangible benefits. Therefore, the preparation before the promotion, consumers must demand research, finding good none other programs. Here is what I previously had a successful operation of several ways:

First, according to consumer spending sent various different red envelope, this approach is ingenious discount. November 1, 2003 in Zhangzhou, Fujian, we do "HQT heart * red envelope Love" promotion that has taken this form, the day sales of more than 40,000, while sales to November 5 to 13 million and more, to create Footwear sales in Zhangzhou market miracle.

Second, start the end of the quarter none other projects. None other can have different forms, such as through the dial to have shoes to fight for their customers likely to get none other programs, such as direct use of the promotional section on the label. Of course, the most effective of the program or the introduction of systematic none other - to buy the corresponding number according to the proportion of none other.

Third, the clever bundling. For instance, we operate in Quanzhou, Fujian Province are: activities, we all promotions under paragraph style, do a few portfolio tied series, there are five pairs of combinations, 10 pairs of combinations and so on. Of course, this is mainly for families or groups of sales.

In short, none other is always the consumer interest. However, do let promotion before, we must do the budget, it is very important.

Cheats 4: old customers with promotions tied tight

Interviews: HQT Anhui, a dealer

Whenever the festival into the mall or shopping pedestrian street, greets you are all promotional activities, such as: how much to buy back the number, discount sales, what gifts and so diverse gifts of all businesses have struggled, displaying his brilliant idea to to improve their sales.

Years of operating experience HQT store, steal that discount, rebate is not a permanent holy grail. Promotion aims to increase sales, but its object or customers. Blind pursuit of immediate sales, discounts in the festival would lose old customers discounted pre-purchased. Toyota automobile market in China against the background of wild price reduction, price reduction is not taking into account the hundreds of thousands of old users. February 28, 2005 they announced the Accord is 2 million, the grounds that parts made, but they are very well explained to the old customers, which makes the old users to balance the mind, after all, old customers are the source of their profit ah!

Today's society is often said that word is people-oriented, and we all do business with customer-oriented, I think that promotion should focus on the customer. During this time, I just did a promotion with the theme: "returns the old customers, HQT shoes TM to, HQT old moccasins value of 38 yuan for HQT shoes." Activities after the news spread, some customers put four or five years ago HQT old moccasins brought, I gave them a price discount in exchange for the new shoes on feet away. My heart happy: The first return of these old customers over the years, and second, I retain the old customers of this group. In fact, this shoes is not worth one point for me, but the shoes alone, so that the benefits to the old customers, others have nothing to say. Some old customers say oh! My shoes are still lost, next time I have to keep the shoes. I said Yes, so after that we still do. The promotion was successful, it will eventually find the HQT customers added value.

365 days a year, dozens of small festivals, and holidays have different groups, such as the fine Chinese tradition of filial piety for the elderly, of course, Mother's Day promotion a great time. I bought a set from a flower shop in many carnations, ad design is: buy shoes, get carnations mother, daughter, dedicated to his mother's love. This promotion is indeed successful, the customer not to buy your shoes, carnations, but the customers come to the store, you remind her mother to buy a pair of shoes, and the customer to buy carnations for mothers, we have for her to good and ready.

Chinese festivals are many reasons for promotion with many a word, everything for the customer, as long as the festival do not forget your genuine customers then approved, there must be a number of holiday promotions without digging treasure!

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