Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Purple Pinyin special words and phrases defined groups

Purple Pinyin input method to improve input efficiency of some experience to share with everyone here, I hope you can be helpful. The following describes how we Pinyin input method in the purple group special words and phrases defined.

Purple Pinyin input method to set the "set properties - custom - special words and phrases" option allows users to define their own combination of various words and phrases in order to achieve rapid entry. Defined format (see below): English String = Chinese words and phrases, such as company name, EMAIL address, website and so can be used here is defined as simple combinations. In order to facilitate memory and use the best of all user-defined content classification and grouping definition, a semicolon at the beginning of the comment line on its own generic, so you can find a good management of entries, additions and deletions.

Thesaurus definition of restrictions:

Repeat the same definition of the English string up to 9.

Dictionary definition of the total number up to 2000.

For example:

; *** Website ***

ogoo = www.google.com

omsn = www.msn.com

oyes = www.yesky.com

; *** *** Newspapers and magazines

tbwb = "Beijing Evening News"

tcyn = "China Youth Daily"

Note: Do not appear equal on both sides of space. Equal sign on the left of the English string must be in English letters, case-sensitive. The definition of the equal sign on the right words and phrases in Chinese can be any Chinese, English or other symbols, but the length can not exceed 32 characters word length. To avoid the definition of the Chinese figures and units enter the conflict, should be not to use "i" and "u" at the beginning of the definition.

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