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Xu Chao: Young is the kind of wealth

Reporter: There are small to something big, from the past to the present, about your career journey is divided into several stages? Along the way, I believe there are some gains at each stage and the sentiment, you talk about?

Xu Chao: As of now, my professional journey in two stages. The first stage started from the college, I graduated from the Anhui University of Finance and computer science and technical expertise, as this is a specialty-focused financial institutions, so I learned the profession in the professional strength of our school is not prominent in the learned professional skills and I paid great attention to Peiyang their comprehensive ability, so I participate in various activities and to join school students life experiences, he became Xue Shenghui Office Deputy Director, Student Union Vice-Chairman, student representatives Standing Committee of such posts and to participate actively various social practices, such as the recruitment agency, part-time computer company, founder of tutoring centers. Through life experiences during their communication skills and organizational coordination, so I adapted very quickly after graduation working environment and work for me in the future of information technology has laid a good foundation.

The second stage is after my graduation in information technology rich round group, along with company information from scratch, I am understanding of enterprise information has also gone through three levels. Just graduated into the company, according to company requirements, the company I went to the factory and the department to practice, for the first time as a manufacturing enterprise to understand the mode of operation and the enterprise's business processes and information technology resources, so I understand the information technology must be carried out To understand the business, especially in some important basic information. Second, in the early stages of information technology, lack of understanding of the information, I blindly pursue professional skills enhancement, but proven professional skills is only a tool, and how to use information technology as corporate earnings and a greater need for management innovation. Therefore, since the learned information is the work of a managerial than technical, after I began to develop their own focus of management awareness and capability, has Zhiding the information management rules, information Quanxian requirements, information management Cuoshi SOP , while the project itself, target-oriented management and performance appraisal system, by means of steady progress that management of information technology implementation. It is my understanding of information the third shift.

Reporter: a successful "CIO" The evaluation criteria? Whether you are at work to do in accordance with this standard? You think a successful CIO's biggest challenge? Technical background or a breakthrough idea?

Xu Chao: I have two CIO's evaluation criteria. First, I think the primary value of a successful CIO is whether by means of information technology to enhance management efficiency within the enterprise, and reduce operational costs for enterprise data to support decision-making, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises; second, whether successful CIO Information for enterprises to establish long-term mechanism is also essential to train successors forged a team of information technology to enable enterprises of information technology continues to improve, step by step optimization, ultimately the competitiveness of enterprises have core competence. I also have tried to be the work of these two points, which I created especially for the weekly training plan, training can either take turns to do to achieve knowledge sharing, everyone can exercise the communication skills and ability to summarize. At the same time in the supervision of some projects under the premise of fully authorized to do the project step by step exercise their ability and experience in a project savings.

I think the biggest challenge facing the successful CIO is the concept of a breakthrough, the society does not lack technology, the lack of the ability of the technology market, in other words, as CIO he should consider is how to use information technology to corporate profits, raising competition force, with the rapid changes in the market today, in this new era, the concept of a breakthrough is an important indicator of success the test of CIO, is enterprise information key to the success.

Reporter: What do you think the CIO job orientation? Technology selfishness will become CIO of the trap? Your CIO understand the entire enterprise architecture should be in what position?

Xu Chao: I think the CIO is a high-level managers, have to be a technical expert. Neglect the pursuit of technology will become the ears of the deaf do not know how information technology can not simply ignore the pursuit of technology management functions, so only make the information into a castle in the air, good-looking but not necessarily practical. CIO is also the whole business, one of the most understanding, the CIO is often a major strategy of the company participants and propelled.

Technical Standards of the trap will become a CIO, only man can only focus on technical efficiency, is a concrete manifestation of tactics, but as a CIO must be to a qualified strategists, integrated home, is the technology into the market who benefit . CIO in the corporate structure so often in a role of linking the important position.

Reporter: Are you for the information technology industry, the general understanding of what? Information in your industry, level of development? What kind of features?

Xu Chao: We belong to the tire manufacturing business, this industry is often affected by the auto industry, tire manufacturing, but the level of information than Goodyear, Michelin and other tire manufacturers world-class, the rest are still in a relatively low level, the general application of all aspects of the management information for production automation, product development information was very little difficult to involve. Main reasons causing this situation is limited by the characteristics of this industry, characterized by the following: First, the tire manufacturing process cumbersome, complex process. Second, the tire manufacturer's information into a huge investment in automated equipment in particular is really amazing. Third, by the tire manufacturing process and present complex information technology constraints, the tire industry, the implementation of difficult information, such as the bar code on the bar code system requires very high temperature resistance, but also in the recent high temperature materials have a bar code.

Reporter: Zhejiang Fu round group in the use of means of information production or other work which the actual results? Made what success?

Xu Chao: I am the Group to implement a comprehensive information management system: WEB-based approach OA office automation systems, ERP systems, personnel salaries and performance management systems, large-scale enterprise portal, the Customs processing trading system. Application is the use of computer and network technology and other modern management tools, changing the past through the cumbersome and manual handling of fragmented data, realized the breadth and depth of information resources development and utilization, increase production, operation, management and decision-making efficiency and level.

Automatic control system on the application of mixing: mixing control system, tire manufacturing process on the formation of computer-aided management system. Application of the control system based on programmable controllers and field touch-industrial terminal, under the auxiliary system to achieve automatic control of internal mixer, in the absence of any auxiliary craft based on the formula set automatically in accordance with greatly improved product quality, reduce costs, reduce environmental pollution caused by carbon black raw material.

Q: Your group information technology has experienced several stages, namely, how to implement it? At the time of the development of enterprises which play a role? Your company's investment in the information how many? Compared to the costs and benefits?

Xu Chao: We group the information in accordance with the company planning the construction of two stages, as follows:

A project in February 2006 -2006 10 months, the main task is to: develop and implement Web-based OA sharing platform, the formation of an internal office network; improve the financial management system (general ledger, reports, internal banking, fixed assets, accounts payable, etc.); complete ERP system, inventory, sales management systems; complete ERP system, human resource management system (personnel management, payroll management, performance management); on human resources management, sales management, warehouse management and financial systems integration, to achieve the integration of financial services.

Phase II is November 2006 -2009 12 months, the main work is: a project is completed on the basis of complete ERP system, project management, production management, quality management systems, cost control and management system, equipment management system , human resources management system (recruiting and selection, training, management); complete charge management system to develop, test management process, semi quality analysis system. Aided production management systems (air conditioning management, energy management, etc.); cooperative development, manufacturing process real-time online data acquisition system and decision analysis system.

Pre-existing information into a total of about 300 million, of which 1.5 million yuan software, hardware, 1.2 million yuan, 100,000 yuan consulting, training 10 million, the other 100 thousand yuan.

Resulting benefits include: achieving the relevant business management information collection, transmission, analysis; curing workflow, improve the work plan, accuracy, ensure the materials, finished products and reasonable inventory, monitor and improve the production and sales control;閫氳繃 sales information feedback collection, analysis and improvement, improve customer satisfaction, Jian Shao risk; established a corporate image, expanded the company's reputation, Tisheng the company's sales; into Shengchan automation 鎺у埗 system to achieve the best machine configuration, At the same time effectively reducing the environmental pollution; annual direct economic benefits to 300 million yuan.

Reporter: How to create your own information system? Will face any difficulties? How to overcome these difficulties? Are you in favor of the information systems outsourcing practice?

Xu Chao: To build their own information system, we must first understand the business situation, grasp the demand, according to the status of the development of information technology business goals, according to objectives, plans, including plans to develop comprehensive consideration of four principles: the principle of demand-driven, efficiency drive principle, the principle of effectiveness, global principles. External factors to consider are as follows: information technology, industry information level, community level information. We must also consider the internal factors include: the business is performing, enterprise management infrastructure, enterprise application infrastructure.

In the project implementation to focus on three elements: business process consolidation, document collation of raw data, business process optimization.

The establishment of information technology team, establishing project closed loop system, specific practices are outlined as follows: the establishment of Informatization Leading Group, the Steering Group, Implementation Group, a clear duty of all groups, and the establishment of project teams in the performance appraisal system to ensure the steady implementation of the project advance.

There may be many difficulties, such as funding, employees of information technology awareness, business is not in place by management, basic information is confusing, and so on

Solution: 1, for information technology planning to follow the "master plan, step by step, major breakthroughs, and gradually effective" principle, to alleviate financial pressure and reduce implementation risk. 2, for specific items of information should follow the "demand driven, standardized operations, program guide, the organization and the emphasis on selection, solid training, tracking, promotion, continuous improvement" approach.

I am not in favor of information systems outsourcing, at current market standardized products, and can not completely solve the individual needs of enterprises, so in the current market situation may be trying to outsourcing, but there are several points to note: 1, business information sector have some experience in system development. 2, outsourcing partners if the home can be very good prospects for continued strength and service businesses.

Reporter: ERP is an integrated management system, which is connected to the corporate bonds of various business processes, you believe that your ERP system construction industry and other sectors of the ERP System What difference do?

Xu Chao: tire manufacturing production between the various processes used in plastic components, semi-finished and finished products to transmit information over manually copying records transfer mode; quality control, materials, human factors over the recognition process; production and quality information back no time, accurate, is not conducive to the effective control of product quality and productivity of the increase, so the tire manufacturing automation level ERP Jitongyaoqiu Qi Gao, strict production plan, production of Rhythm Kuai, storage and quality inspection management Shangyaobijiao meticulous, precise financial accounting requirements.

Reporter: Would you please review the information you are engaged in construction work among the biggest obstacles you encounter what is, how is your solution, but for the rich round of the group's future information technology, you have no new thoughts and ideas?

Xu Chao: I think the biggest obstacles is communication, communication is not good, the boss can not get the support up, down can not get the support of subordinates, the parallel can not be business sector support. So my conclusion is that "no prior communication, no matter the outcome of the smooth and after." Therefore, we should pay attention to making information widely for comments before the project launch, on the efficiency-driven principles to communicate the vision for the next enterprise and personal development as the prerequisite for communication, parallel to mid-level department heads for its different types ( Innovative, conservative) to communicate with one by one.

I am thinking of building the future of information technology group to consider the following:

Enterprise information can do a lot a lot, it is divided into enterprise information infrastructure, product development information, manufacturing information technology, enterprise information management, enterprise business information and enterprise information systems integration six parts, it can be said information technology is an optimization of continuous improvement has been no end of work, I only work in recent years, our group thought to make a description.

First, for the overall planning of the Group in accordance with the manufacturing sector will continue to build; Second, for the Group to be set up trade in information technology enterprises with "open source", supplemented by "throttling." Including: the external source, in the course of trade to establish a highly efficient, dynamic and rapid response systems - enterprise business information systems, including: supplier relationship management (SRM), customer relationship management (CRM), foreign trade Site gradual transition to e-commerce site. Domestic savings, business management information in order to improve enterprise management level and operational efficiency, the implementation of the content can be: ERP, OA, but the implementation of specific modules and manufacturing enterprises are different. And to achieve integration of information between the parent company.


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